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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Listening to Stephen Downes

Just been listening to Stephen Downes talking about Web2.0. The podcast was from August 2005 but worth listening to as an introduction to Web2.0.

He was asked about where he saw web2 being integrated in to the school system. His response was that he saw initially at least these sorts of tools developing outside the school and being drawn into the formal school setting as they are evaluated and educational benefits seen. This is what I am interested in. How can we trial some of these tools in educationally benficial ways and promote this benefit in our schools.

One point noted in the discussion was the value of the web as an authentic publishing opportunity. I have seen this happen in the motivation of my daughter as she explores podcasting and publishing to a high standard for a real international audience. Georgia's podcast.

I am also very interested in the potential of tools like wiki's to increase collaboration between students as they learn and the potential for tools like blogs to enhance the feedback that students get to their learning by involving others in giving feedback. There is also huge potential here for parents to become much more involved in their children's education through online feedback.


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