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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Interesting Experience Today

I have just realised today how much my world has changed. I was reading my bloglines feeds and there was a post from Chris about looking for a laptop cart. I remember doing similar research myself a few years ago and thought "Oh, I can help you out". Without reading the rest of the post I jumped around and found the link to the company we bought our trolley from and then tried to post it as a comment in Chris's blog. First I had to be a member and login to leave a comment. Mmmm. Then I searched for an email address on his blog. Mmmmmm! Then I gave up and went back to the blog entry (dated today) to discover he has actually already resolved the issue (obviously ages ago because he bought trolleys in Hong Kong). Why? I'm confused? If it was me I would add a couple of things to his list of lessons learned.

1. People are reading your stuff... If you have a question, blog about it. There are people all over the world willing to help.
2. Open up your comments so that people can contribute. I was willing to make a connection here but after searching for a way and not finding it easily, I gave up.

Obviously I have too much time on hands. I'll now go back to marking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh.. I so agree... it actually puts me off leaving a comment. If you are blogging then sure have the comment come through moderation if you want but don't have them have to sign up etc because people like me can NEVER remeber their password etc to sign in and leave you a comment! Jody Hayes
Read our class blog on

7:17 pm  
Anonymous Rachel Boyd said...

You ARE right!!
When they ask you to sign up and log in I usually get frustrated and end up not bothering... in the time I wasted I could have read a few more of my bloglines feeds and actually felt like the day could begin!

I LOVE the fact that we are able to call on our network of "experts" to help us out in our times of need :)

Sometimes marking does appeal more than struggling to make a contribution!

Cheers, Rachel, Nelson

10:16 am  
Blogger Chris said...

Hi guys,
thanks for the thoughts about commenting... I had no idea it was set up to make it that hard. I was going through a bad patch of comment spam a while ago so I tweaked the settings to need moderation. Obviously I overdid it!

I'll go have a play with the settings to sdee if I can back the security off a little. Sorry to make it so hard, not my intention!


1:36 am  
Blogger Chris said...

Ok, fixed it. ;-)

There was a checkbox there that required users to be logged in to comment... I never noticed it before! No wonder i don't get many comments!

Thanks for alerting me to it... now, go leave a comment! :-) Just kidding!


1:52 am  
Blogger Nigel Frater said...

Hey Mike's Woodshop in Auckland are apparently making these trollies for the bargain price of $400- Theyy are over a grand at Sitech!

9:21 pm  
Blogger Paul Wilkinson said...

Hey thanks Nigel that is a bargain. Our caretaker made one and it cost nearly that for all the bits. Do you have contact details for Mike's woodshop?

10:19 am  

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