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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Rising above the ordinary

So... I sat down to write a post of my teaching philosophy for an upcoming staff meeting. We are developing our school vision and the phrase that has come to the top so far is "Rising above the ordinary". A google search on that brought up this great poem from SYL65

We must bear the treasure of sacred trust

And believe we have found something profound

Unlike the experiences of past ghosts

We have stepped out of the ordinary

To build with soft hands and open hearts

The world can be crazy sometimes

I believe though, we are strong enough

To not get caught up and tossed about

Love and hope will be our anchor

Together, we can make it through anything

Phew! This speaks volumes.

So then I got distracted by this trending video on youtube 


It is only 1 minute 18 seconds long. Just do it.

Which reminded about a favourite of mine. Stop It

Which has pleasantly filled in a 20 minute distraction from the task at hand which was to write my teaching philosophy in one paragraph.

Now that I have got that far I think I will come back to it.


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