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Monday, December 11, 2006


David Warlick hits the nail for me again with two recent posts on his blog. The first one is about PBL or Passion Based Learning. What he says makes so much sense to me. Find someting you are passionate about and teach using that medium. If you are into science teach science passionately. If dance is your thing be the very best dance teacher you can be and you will take your students with you. The other side to PBL is to allow children to follow their passions. How much time in the school day do children spend either waiting on others or doing stuff they find boring. Finding ways to engage students by allowing them some choice and some freedom to follow their interests is becoming so much more important.

A second point he makes is also a key for me.

How many leaders are we losing when we teach them to be taught — in stead of teaching them to teach.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
I too am a fan of David Warlick - he posts many interesting thoughts that make me think deeper and my class are currently blogging using classblogmeister (David's invention!)
Thanks for the links - I follow them. I have especially enjoyed the six word story post and am looking forward to creating some with my class.

8:47 pm  

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