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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Teaching Philosophy

Well I found this a bit tricky actually. I haven't really had to articulate my philosophy of teaching for a long time. In the spirit of my last post I think short is better so here it is...

The aim of teaching and learning is wisdom.
Wisdom is mostly gained through experience... therefore...teaching should mostly be about creating experiences with the learner. The more memorable the experience the better the learning.

Learning by doing is better than learning by listening. (Project based learning beats sage on the stage)
I learn more by trying to teach someone else.
Talking about my learning helps me modify my understanding.
Learning should be fun. (Not easy but fun. If I am interested in it and can see that it is relevant to me and it is fun, then I will stick at new learning much longer.)
Learning together is better than learning alone. (mostly)
If I understand myself as a learner I can become a better learner.
Positive relationships are really important.
I need to know the learners I am working with.  (ZPD, Learning Muscles, Habits of Mind, Passions, Scaffolding, Next Steps, What do they think is fun?)
Almost anyone can learn almost anything.

Of course I do realise that the next question is, "So how does this look in your teaching practice?"

Mmmmm. Honestly? Sometimes really aligned with this. At other times not so much. Good to be reminded about what I believe in though.

So help me out here. What have I left out? I am sure there are really deep important things about the teaching and learning complexity that I have missed.

Share your ideas...


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