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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gliffy and Imagination cubed

Here are two little toys that look like fun.

Imagination Cubed is one of those online whiteboards that you can share with other people. It's pretty simple to use and the cool thing is that you don't have to register. Just find the site and invite someone else to join you. Not sure how useful this is in a regular classroom but good tool to know about.

Gliffy you do have to register for (free) but this gives a whole lot of graphic functions. The creations can also be shared and worked on collaboratively. This looks like a very cool tool and I can see it being used even within one class as a collaborative tool. Certainly it becomes powerful if you can link your students to others elsewhere in the world.

I know there are a whole heap more of these things. I am only commenting at this stage on the ones I can see a use for in a regular classroom.

I've been listening to Room 208 and this to me seems to be a fantastic example of a teacher and class using web tools in very purposeful ways. This is a guy I'd like to visit.

Download squad is the new link to the social software blog. This could be one worth following.

I've just been distracted by Derek's Blog and particularly a fascinating article about wikipedia.
Well worth a read.


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