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24 Learning

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Comment! Wahoo!

Thank you Jody your comment was appreciated and your class blog looks fantastic. Great stuff.

I've just realised how powerful and motivating it is to get a comment on my blog. I've had the map on the blog for awhile and that is quite fun to see the red dots appearing but to have a real live comment! I know this sounds silly but it is quite motivating to have some feedback. I write the blog for myself really as a way of recording sites I have found that I want to be reminded about. I have never been a diary writer but thought I'd give blogging a go. The fact that others are looking really is motivating and it is this motivation I'd love to try and capture and pass on through the creation of a blog with my class next year.

The last three years I have had the real priveledge to be a full time ICT professional development facilitator. In 2007 I am going back to a classroom teaching role at Freeville School.

I was thinking about this the other day and realised that I have learnt so much myself in the last three years. Things like blogs, podcasts and wikis are all new technologies that I have discovered and had the chance to pass on to others. It is so exciting to me to see classes get excited by the opportunities to commnicate to a global audience.

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Blogger gregcarroll said...

You have done a great job as a facilitator Paul, I hope Freville appreciate how lucky they are to get someone with your skills!!

9:34 pm  

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