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Saturday, August 01, 2015

John Green - Learning Cartography

This is a talk that I think is really worth watching. The title could be a bit misleading. John Green's talk is much broader than just being about learning online.

As our school moves rapidly to a much more collaborative teaching model we need to be engaged in discussion about how we create a community of learners. As a staff we need to be a community of learner drilling down into how to use our new spaces wisely. We also need to create a community of learners with our children.

We are in exciting times!


Blogger Jo Earl said...

Really enjoyed this clip - I think we need to model being community of learners for our students - they won't automatically know what a community of learners looks like. Also was thinking that the community of learners could be quite different than we imagine if we allow our students to connect globally as well. Read this a while ago - some good ideas in here.


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