24 Learning: Treadmills!!!! and You tube

24 Learning

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Treadmills!!!! and You tube

I was listening to National radio in the car today and Digital Life was playing. Helen and Kelvin Baxter were talking to Jim Mora about

which I hadn't heard of. Then later on I received an email with a link to this amazing video

Some people have far too much time on their hands obviously. But this is really cool. Not the movie although that is also cool. The potential for kids to broadcast their movies to an international audience is cool. Now I know before you squeal that there will be all those safety concerns. (I'll blog about those shortly) But what about Alice animations posted to You Tube?
The site itself would have to be closely supervised in school cause there is the potential for disaster there. I'm at home looking at it so I'm not sure if watchdog blocks it or not. The discussion on National radio was interesting. They were talking about people making adverts or in some cases anti adverts for products.


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