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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Teaching hacks wiki

Teaching hacks wiki

This may grow into something worthwhile. I'm looking for a web resource that is full of ideas for integrating web2 tools into the classroom. The real advantage of this as a wiki is the potential for it to grow into siomething really useful. I will watch it with interest. If you know of anything similar let me know.

The following are the twelve main sections currently on this wiki. many of them are just at the ideas stage and of the others some of the ideas are fairly obvious but hey. The point of the wiki is to make it grow I guess. The link on Geocaching is interesting. I have heard of this and last year worked with a teacher who had a travel bug which her class followed around the world. This is in my "must find out more about this list".

K-12 Educators Guide To Web 2.0
Weblogs in Education Alpha Stage
Social Bookmarking Tools in Education Ideas Stage
Folksonomy and Tagging Ideas Stage
Wiki: Collaborative Editing in Education Alpha Stage
RSS Ideas in Education Beta Stage
Creative Commons Ideas Stage
Instant Messaging Ideas Stage
Geocaching for Educators
Information Literacy Ideas Stage
Google Earth 101 for Educators
Cyberbullying 101 for Educators


Blogger TeachingHacks.com said...

Hi Paul,

Glad that you found the wiki useful. I am using it as a braindump right now.

I am preparing for workshops and inservices for teachers at my school board, and it is a way for me to organize a bunch of different ideas. Some which I will never present at my school board but might present at an upcoming conference.

9:18 am  
Blogger Paul Wilkinson said...

Good stuff. I'll come back and visit the links. Thanks

8:06 am  

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