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Saturday, August 19, 2006


This is another wiki tool that looks great. One really cool thing is that they offer advertising free space to educators. Click here for the link to the educator signup page.

I can see huge possibilities here for collaboration and also for engaging parents in participating in their children's education. From the simple end of the spectrum teachers could create a class wiki based on their current topic and children could post information and answers to questions as they go. The teacher and children can then add questions that arise from the postings and more information can be added as the learning builds. Parents and experts can also participate and build a real learning community.
The ease of use for creating a class web page that really does become part of the collaborative effort of the pupils seems to me to be really valuable. So many school web pages are locked down so that children have no avenue to contribute. I'm interested in safe ways to break down that barrier to children authoring on the web. Wikis look like they could be a great opportunity.

What I want to know is... Is there a good (free) web2.0 tool that combines the tools of podcast, blog and wiki into one space? I can see the benefits of each of these but it would be really nice to be able to access them all under one login rather than having to have different logins for each. At the moment I am using googlepages to collect links to all these tools in one place. I know I'm a newbie to this so any suggestion for better management of all this are very welcome.


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