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Monday, March 19, 2007

Change Projects

I mentioned earlier that we are working on 'Pay it forward' type projects. Today was the first day I have seen the class really coming to grips with the projects. There are a number of great ideas and it will be fun to see them develop over the next few weeks. The thing that excites me about what they are doing is that they are all real projects that will make real changes if the kids work through the process and actually complete their goals. I'd love to see more of them get excited about international changes they can get involved with but at this stage the projects are mainly local school issues.
I'd love to link them up with some other children around the world who are making changes in their own schools. Maybe we could share stories. If you teach in a middle school class and have your children engaging in social action projects I'd love to hear from you.


Blogger Mr. Chase said...

You're getting where we hope to be going. That may not make much sense.
I'm working with a friend and colleague who teaches across the district to bring social action projects to both of our classrooms. We're starting the unit today and hope to get things underway. As much as I want my kids to be choosing big national and international issues, I was reminded during our planning session, that they will likely choose those issues more proximate to their lives. I forwarded the link to this post to my colleague, Ms. Jacks, and we'd both like to talk more about what both of us are doing. My email is zachary_chase@sarasota.k12.fl.us.
Also, feel free to take a look at the wiki we've started on the project: http://socialaction.pbwiki.com.

1:44 am  
Blogger Moturoa said...

You may like to add this simulation to your kete of games.

It covers the affects of a variety of natural disasters.



11:12 pm  
Blogger Paul Wilkinson said...

Thanks for that Allanah. Great suggestion.

8:32 pm  

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