24 Learning: Contemplation

24 Learning

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It has been an exhausting term and the holidays have just come in time!

I've felt too busy to blog but have missed the interaction and the process of jotting down my thoughts. Today I've been catching up with some reading and this one jumped out of the pile.

It comes from Stephen Heppell who is always good value to listen to. Great little list to reflect on for your own situation.

I like point three...

Quality controlled -------------------------------------Quality Assured

Makes one think really about things like ERO and assessment and teacher standards and feedback.

From David Muir comes this list of Heppell quotes.

“Bits of paper are worthless!”

“A school’s policy should be: ‘We could so do this’ “.

“We don’t know how good or children can be – let’s find out.”

“Learning can inoculate children against poverty”

“Being part of a community is important but everyone looking the same and acting the same is disastrous.”

(Rats!!! I had written a whole longer response to this and then firefox crashed and lost the lot). I'm tired now and going to bed so if it was important it will come back.


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