24 Learning

24 Learning

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is the tool I was looking for to power the Run to Meet You project. It is just brilliant for tracking a trip. Well worth looking at. We are nearly in Palmerston North so we will be looking for somewhere else to run to. Any takers?

Wedding map to share with guests
CommunityWalk Map - Run to meet you


Anonymous Jody Hayes said...

Hi Paul, Voyagers are just over half way there. Don't think we arent doing it ... just a few technical issues to overcome :)
We are running, and running, and running.... we'll get there!!!

6:53 pm  
Blogger Paul Wilkinson said...

Half way!!! That is brilliant. There are twice as many of us so you must have been running and running and running. Well done. Are your people motivated by this or not? Our class are reasonably motivated but I am hoping that when they get online to your website they might be more interested from having had the connection of running to meet you all.

7:34 pm  

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