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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quadblogging inspration



Jo used the word inspiring when she emailed the quadblogging  group about this weeks posting. From this lofty pedestal I feel the weight of that word and it has almost tripped me up. 

verb: inspire; 3rd person present: inspires; past tense: inspired; past participle: inspired; gerund or present participle: inspiring
  1. 1.
fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
"his passion for education inspired him to begin writing"

So then I got to thinking about what stimulates, motivates, encourages, influences, rouses, moves, stirs, energizes, galvanizes and incites me to action, feeling or creativity.

As I mulled this over two words floated to the top. 

Example and challenge

I am inspired when I hear stories or see examples of others doing great things. It makes me want to be a better me when I am working alongside others who I can see are doing the best that they can. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes I need someone with courage to take me aside and challenge me about whether I really am being the best that I can. How often do I develop relationships that permit people to challenge me? How often do I challenge someone else?

Heemi asks similar challenging questions.

Seeing as this quadblogging group is about encouraging others to write and respond and adding to that the fact we are all in education I thought I would have a little browse of the interwebthingy and see what inspired me about writing and teaching.

I narrowed it down to these three. Not because they are the best resources out there but they just floated to the top for me today.

The first is an article about some of the reasons for encouraging children to write (mostly this applies to us adults too).

The second is an interesting website with links to visual prompts to encourage writing.

The third is a powerpoint with a whole host of cool writing ideas. If you are a teacher struggling to come up with interesting ideas to promote writing then start working your way through the ones that excite you.

Which takes me to Number 11 from that list which is this website…

Quite fun but I couldn’t really leave it there without trying to challenge you.

So... Because I believe choice is important, 

go to comments and


Use the idea of telescopic text to build on to the sentence…

I love being in education.


Post a brief response.

What inspires you?
Tell us a story of a time you have been challenged by someone and grown from that experience.
What strategies do you use to inspire others?
Who has been the greatest inspiration to you professionally? Why? (just so long as the words agency, ubiquity and connectedness are not anywhere in your posting).


Write something else entirely if you are so inspired.

There you go. FWIW 

and just as an experiment thanks Jo for the link.




Blogger Jo Earl said...

I get inspired reading other people’s blogs and hearing about what is happening in other schools. It motivates me to try different things - actually this is how I was motivated to blog in the very first place.

(Just learned how to put a link in this comment!)

6:22 pm  
Blogger Jo Earl said...

A story about when I have been challenged by someone and have grown from the experience.

I am challenged by staff at my school from time to time over decisions the leadership team makes or other such things - and as much as I value feedback - and I do - sometimes it can feel like just too much.

Towards the end of last year I received feedback from staff about equity issues around PD opportunities in our school. I didn’t necessarily agree with the feedback - and in the first 24 hours after receiving it I felt a range of emotions. (anger that we had been criticised, frustration that no-one seemed to step up when opportunities were offered and more…). However we worked through this - it created professional dialogue - and we made sure that we addressed the issues by getting more teacher voice about how PD should look in our school. The result of this has been amazing - we have seen some real growth this year where younger staff have really stepped up and got involved - PD in our school this year looks so different to how it did last year. This wouldn’t have happened had we not had this initial “conflict” or “challenge” and been prepared to work through it.

6:24 pm  
Blogger Diana Feary said...

Wow, Paul!

This is both inspiring and challenging! You have done a lot of thinking and looking!

Who inspired me?

Back in the last century when i was working my way through ASTU papers (anyone remember them?), I came across John Gourley who was scary, challenging and inspiring. I completed quite a few of his papers, which had a huge impact on how i went about my teaching and learning. Many sleepless nights as I processed and then wrestled with his challenging questions - no answers from him of course, just more questions!
But what an amazing impact on my thinking, my understanding and how I worked with the children!

Thanks Paul for reminding me!

3:11 pm  
Blogger Maire Bowler said...

Oh my goodness! I was a fresh faced young 17 year old in my first year at Teachers College when I was invited to join a 'Teaching in an Integrated School" course that this new radical, John Gourley, was offering. It was in this course that I faced so many challenges about who I was and what I believed in. I first learnt heard the words 'tohu wa bohu' meaning falling into the deepest pit. (depression) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tohu_wa-bohu. What a blast from the past! It was such a challenging time that I went back to my RE teacher at Mercy College Timaru, the next holiday and accused her of deliberately mis- leading us about religion! How embarrassing! I could go on... Thanks guys for raising the challenge question and bringing up John Gourley in the same place!

10:54 pm  
Blogger Jesse Pirini said...

Hi, I stumbled across this post looking around for inspiration in education. I've been running a tutoring company for a few years now and sometimes parents are looking for someone to inspire their kids. But I never quite now what that is meant to look like in practice. We've just started in Christchurch with a bunch of new tutors at Christchurch tutors, and the question of inspiration came up at tutor training. I'm still not sure, but exploring the idea of inspiration through blogs has been helpful. Thanks for your post.


7:45 am  

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