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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mashup Thinking

Had a great experience today when I was able to join in briefly with a professional development day happening at Brightwater School via skype connection with Allanah.

She was attending a session led by Dr David Whitehead. Allanah has given a great summary on her blog which is worth having a look at. She has included a brief audio comment from David where he is talking about knowledge as a verb. Now this isn't a particularly new concept but something he said triggered the thought in my head that we have a web2.0 term "mashup" that could be applied to the sort of thinking he is describing. So there it is. I put this out there for development. "Mashup Thinking" is what we are needing to develop.


Anonymous Allanah said...

Apart from hearing what David had to say the highlight of the day for me was the conversation you and he had via the comments on my blog.

The sound bite came about because I have automatic call recording on my VoiP and thought I may as well use the tool as it was recording while you were listening via Skype!

10:30 pm  
Blogger Rachel Boyd said...

David was great yesterday, a lot of food for thought and a lot that already confirms what I am already doing. Isn't it fantastic that due to school holidays you were able to join in and hear some of the talk also. David also really enjoyed corresponding with you in the comments section. Free live PD: gotta love it - wish we could do it more often!

11:51 am  

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