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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It must be holidays

Does anyone know why the speech bubbles have disappeared from my cartoon?

I must be tired I am enjoying this.

Double Vision


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have too much time on your hands. Myself, I am watching Borat on YouTube.


10:34 pm  
Blogger Jack Francis said...

Mr. Wilkinson,

Your blog is chock-full of good ideas. I just added Shelfari to my blog. It's a great way for my students to see what books their peers are enjoying.

Jack Francis
Sarasota, Florida

7:04 am  
Blogger Paul Wilkinson said...

Mr Wilkinson? That's my Dad. I'm Paul.

Oh! The speech bubbles appear to be working now too. I don't know why they didn't the first time around.

8:58 am  

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