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Saturday, November 04, 2017


 This TED Talk from Chris Sheldrick presents a really interesting idea.

He and his team have divided the world up into 3m squares and given each square a three word unique identification.


I searched for Rawhiti School and the location was https://map.what3words.com/point.avoid.rarely

I just thought this was fascinating and I could see all sorts of possibilities for how to use this in the classroom.

Get the kids to search their own property and find the three words that are linked to their house.
Because each identifier is for only 3m there will be dozens of three word combinations for any given property. Our school will have hundreds of three word locations.

Children could write a treasure hunt using these locators. How clever would it be to incorporate a treasure hunt into a story.
They could design a logo or flag for a particular location based on the three words.
They could randomly find three words from the dictionary and then find that location on earth.
They could choose three words that have some connection and  find out where that takes them.
They could visit famous locations and see if there is any cool connection with three word locators in those places.

How else could they use it? I am sure there must be dozens of possibilities. 


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